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Senior executives are extremely talented in their chosen field of expertise. However, as executives progress, a wider variety of skills are necessary for success.  Executives must be strong in communication, persuasion, executive presence and emotional intelligence. And even Leaders need to be led.

​Leaders Are Human Beings ~ Not Just A Set Of Skills Performing A Role.

Coach Ellen refrains from giving advice or solving her client’s problems. Instead, she asks questions to help an executive clarify and solve their own problems.  Ellen engages clients by listening, questioning, designing actions, planning and goal setting, and managing progress and accountability. 

Formal coaching works best with high-performing leaders who are either preparing to or already transitioning to the next level or who are seeking to maximize their leadership impact and presence.  Self-awareness is crucial to leadership and it can be heightened through coaching.  Self-awareness builds from honest self-appraisal about emotional strengths and vulnerabilities; a person's values and attitudes, personality traits and unresolved conflicts. Leaders are human beings, not just a set of skills performing a role.  Self-awareness and the growth it supports, combined with business perspective and practice, is the heart of our executive coaching program.

Coaching helps people get from point A to point B. It sounds simple enough, but the exact terrain between the two points is often obscure.  The leader must be ready and willing to make the coaching sessions a priority and participate in them on a regularly scheduled basis, as well as set actions and practice between sessions to obtain the most value.  Our honest approach to coaching facilitates deep, systemic change that will profoundly transform your perspective and performance.

A Rigorous Process Focused On Real Results.

Research shows approximately 40-50% of senior executives recruited externally leave their new organizations within eighteen months. This statistic increases to over 50% in a three year timeframe. These results cost companies many times the annual salary of the executive when all the costs of a failed senior executive integration are included. 

Executive coaching is an extremely powerful and potentially transformational leadership development endeavor. As with anything we are working to change or develop, success is largely dependent on our own readiness and true commitment. ​ The positions Ellen coaches ranges from business professionals to C-level executives, including President, CFO, CIO, and company owners.