E.J. Burton




Coaching is individually designed  for people who feel "stuck"!

Sometimes they feel stuck in their careers, sometimes in relationship.The only common denominator between clients is that they have an inkling that they have more power in having a successful life than they had considered in the past.

With E.J. Burton & Associates, the coaching process is co-created by the coach and client so that clear and attainable goals are established. Then we define a strategy of steps  to attaining those goals.

Clients who benefit from Coaching are those who are ready for acceptance, positive support, another observation point, new tools, a sounding board. They are ready to take advantage of 20 years of coaching experience and a success record that will save them a lot of extra work and missteps on the way to their dream life.


Individuals who desire a new job and want help with proven search strategies including navigating social media.
Individuals who want to start or grow their small business who understand that coaching support allows them to focus on work/life balance, specific markets and focused effort.

Professionals who desire a promotion inside their current organization and need strategy and focus to put them in the strongest position.Type your paragraph here.