We do this by teaching.  Ontological Coaching and facilitation, among other proven processes, lead Coaching clients and training participants to relief and tools which guarantee goal attainment.

By helping clients learn and unlearn ways of being that honor their gifts, talents and values, we nurture a kinder way for people to be successful in the world.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to live and work in a way that they are proud of. Our mission is to encourage honesty, integrity, authenticity and generosity. Our mission is to effect healing in the business community understanding that when individuals show up in a spirit of kindness and focus their work within these values productivity and retention increase. As a result quality of life  generosity improve for everyone.

Deconstructing Racism: Resource Guide

Deconstructing Racism: Resource Guide

Deconstructing Racism: Resource Guide

Meet Ellen J. Burton

Ellen Burton has been called an inspirational leader and a catalyst for change.   Her ability to assist and focus on coaching clients in achieving their goals is exceptional!  Ellen is the author of Amazon's best-seller "The Civility Project, How to build a culture of reverence to improve wellness, productivity and profit"  In addition to personal and professional coaching, Ellen is a nationally acclaimed business lecturer and motivational speaker.

Ellen’s initial career as a Certified Athletic Trainer allowed her to contribute to Division One intercollegiate athletic medicine teams (The University of Michigan, The University of Cincinnati and Eastern Michigan University).  After 14 award-winning years as an Executive Sales Consultant and corporate trainer for international corporations Sanofi, Novartis and LifeWatch, Inc. Ellen courageously committed full time to Executive Coaching, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consulting and facilitation. 

Ellen’s clients include C-suite executives, Senior leaders, physicians, academics and small business owners.  These tend to be professionals in well-established careers with a strong desire to move to the next level in their professional and/or personal lives.

Nationally, Ellen lectures on business topics which include, but are not limited to, DE&I, Understanding and Managing Bias, Deconstructing Racism, Strategic Planning, Inclusive Leadership, Effecient Business Communication, and Strategies for Managing the Generations.

A sampling of Ellen’s seminar clientele include: The University of Chicago, The City of New York, Northwestern University, The University of Michigan, Carnegie Melon University,  Amcol Intl., NiSource, Inc., Wrigley, Intl., Kellogg Inc., US Bank,                 SC Johnson Inc., The Denver Public Schools, and Catholic Charities.

Ellen Burton is an avid golfer, community volunteer and is active in her church.  As a result of working with her Coach, Ellen is powerfully contributing to the world while happily and gratefully living a life beyond her wildest dreams.

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