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Ellen J. Burton

Ellen Burton has been a motivational speaker and a corporate trainer/facilitator for over 25 years. She facilitates learning for international corporations with integrity, humor, compassion enthusiasm and an intense respect for adult learning. Training sessions provide current data regarding professional development and management practices. Participants report being engaged from the minute a seminar begins and they leave with specific practices to advance their productivity and team effectiveness.​.

We do this by teaching.  Ontological Coaching and facilitation, among other proven processes, lead Coaching clients and training participants to relief and tools which guarantee goal attainment.

By helping clients learn and unlearn ways of being that honor their gifts, talents and values, we nurture a kinder way for people to be successful in the world.

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Author of Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves To Turn Your Vision into Realityand Be Great With Money

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Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to live and work in a way that they are proud of. Our mission is to encourage honesty, integrity, authenticity and generosity. Our mission is to effect healing in the business community understanding that when individuals show up in a spirit of kindness and focus their work within these values productivity and retention increase. As a result quality of life  generosity improve for everyone.