E.J. Burton



Individuals who desire a new job and want help with proven search strategies including navigating social media.
Individuals who want to start or grow their small business who understand that coaching support allows them to focus on work/life balance, specific markets and focused effort.

Professionals who desire a promotion inside their current organization and need strategy and focus to put them in the strongest position.

Men and women going through difficult life circumstances, including divorce, relocation and health challenges who need unbiased support.

Organizations who are challenged with disrespectful, disruptive and costly behavior in valued employees. These professionals are screened and ruled out for substance abuse and mental health issues at which point coaching is determined to be the best course of action to increase the chance of retention. The individual is coached, as is their team so the enabling system can also learn a more productive way to interact. This service can also include mediation for conflict resolution.


Small and large business who want to emphasize leadership, teamwork, decrease conflict and improve communication. Whether full, half day seminar or a lunch and learn, companies are guaranteed to get a presentations that produce immediate results.


Envision Your Life workshops are designed for women who want a clear plan for what they'd like to see occur in their lives this year. EYL is an experience, designed by Tiara International, Women's Leadership Coaching, and is proven to leave participants with clarity about who they are and where they're going.

 How To Have A Happy Life/Vision Board Workshops are a fun and relaxed way to design the life of your dreams. With coaching, guided meditation and art making participants literally visualize their desires. Once they've achieved clarity you'll create a visual reminder to aid in decision making which supports you to the life of your dreams.


There's Business On the Golf Course!
This four hour workshop is designed for women who want to learn how to use golf as a business development tool. You will learn how and when to conduct business on the golf course, networking skills, golf lexicon and about appropriate attire and equipment.


Our Clients


Ask our training/facilitation clients what made them choose us and you’re likely to get many different answers. There’s one thing they’ll all agree on: we deliver tailored, impactful and motivational learning experiences. Participants leave with action to take and the confidence with which to take it. We do not believe in one-offs! We believe in maximizing adult education in a way that produces your desired results.

We Coach souls!

We help individuals and companies maximize your full potential, realize your definition of success. Whether it's one-on-one or group Coaching the experience is personalized, confidential support and supports professionals to their goals.

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